One on One Nutrition and Lifestyle

                         Nutritional and Lifestyle Assessment

                         12 Week package

                         24 week package

Kitchen Help  - classes

                          Pantry Overhaul

                           Where and how to shop

                            Nutritional Food Preparation

                                               Basic for Healthy Kitchen

                                               Gluten Free Kitchen

                                               Dairy Intolerance Kitchen

                                               Vegetarian Kitchen

                                               Vegan Kitchen

Metabolic Balance

                             Private Classes- One on One

                             Group Classes

Retrain Your Breathing 

                            Private Classes- One on One

                             Group Classes

Testing for deficiencies allergies/intolerance

                              Food Reactions - IgG


                               Hair Analysis - elements and toxins

                               Fatty Acid Profile

                                Vitamin D


                             The 8 Principals of Health                                                                                                                                              

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